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// Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tendrils 5: Faith

Faith, to me, isn't a tax on reality, but an investment in eternity.


Faith is what you believe.

Religion is what you do.


Some say faith is a belief in the unknown.

I believe that faith is in knowing the divine (to the extent that dustlings can).


Faith cannot be lost.
It can be ignored.
It can be poisoned.
It can be perverted.
But it cannot be lost.


Blind acceptance is not the same thing as faith.


  • Father, am I the Hope? (Or the Heretic?)
  • Feeling absolution in Thy honor.
  • Fortitude and integrity to have.
  • Fight avarice. Instead, tout hope.
  • Feelings and imagination to harness.
  • Father above, I take heed.


I'll not interrupt my faith to be an audience for your philosophy.

And now there, between us, I've drawn the line.

So keep to your side and I'll keep to mine.

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.