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// Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tendrils 7: Fallen

If the possibilities are truly endless, then they're only gated by the locks of the mind.


Finished, complete, and done are merely states of relativity.


Tendrils of the imagination come and go like a ghost in the night; like a ghost in the mind.

2022 Remix
Tendrils of the imagination come and go like the wisps of smoke that rise and vanish from the flame of the candle that’s illuminating the page — and the moment.


Hope not only renews (the heart, mind, and soul), but it adapts to the world outside our windows — and to the worlds within our minds.

2022 Remix
Adaptation and renewal work for nature and hope alike.


Passion becomes intensity. Intensity becomes rapture. Rapture becomes everything.


Sometimes all we need is the tranquility of solitude, found beneath the moonbeams of a cold winter night.


Evolution is a historical view.

Adaptation is the here and now.

Expectation is a burden to carry.

Anticipation is a double-edged sword.


Every Autumn leaf finds its own path to the earth.


Simplicity is like the beast waiting in the tall grass, or the creature with many tentacles lurking in the depths of a lake, or the red-eyed thing moving under the bed.


Intentions are like ghosts: They come and go in the blink of an eye.


Patience and perseverance go hand-in-hand.

And are often accompanied by frustration and iteration.


-Tendrils 1 and 2 are based on text in the About section of the image, "Fallen (Possibilities)."
-Tendrils 3 and 4 appear in Today's Tendril… posts (2009.11.09 and 2009.11.29).
-Tendril 5 is taken from the text in the About section of the image, "Fallen (I See Red)."
-Tendrils 6 is based on the text in the About section of the image, "Fallen (Blue Serenity)."
-All other Tendrils are exclusive to this collection.

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