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// Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life Lessons: Bowling

  • Follow your dot.
  • The arrows don't lie.
  • It's better to hit the pocket than to throw a rocket.
  • Bowling with bumpers is a metaphor for having a safety net in life.
  • The 7-10 split is also known as "Devil's Horns." Good versus evil extends to all aspects of reality.
  • Bowling with your family is hit and miss.
  • Bowling etiquette should be carried into other lanes of life.
  • This is what happens when you throw a lot of strikes in a row: You forget how to throw a spare.
  • Just because it looks good going down the alley doesn't mean it'll amount to much.
  • Smooth and easy wins the game.
  • Cosmic bowling may be confusing and disorienting, but the pins, the lanes, the balls, and the rules don't change.
  • Everyone throws a strike once in a while. Enjoy the moment, but then get on with the game.
  • Approach and follow-through are more important than velocity.
  • Bowling a perfect game, making a 7-10 split, or executing a great trick shot is a matter of practice, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Whether you prefer traditional bowling, duckpin bowling, or candlestick bowling, the objectives are the same: Stay out of the gutter, knock down as many pins as you can, and get the highest score possible.

Dedicated to Monk.

© Copyright 2010 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.