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// Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tendrils 10

Satisfaction: Finding eddies of meaningfulness in an ocean of creative possibilities.


Sometimes apprehension and doubt are a few of the stepping stones in the path to success.


Anxiety can be a persistent gnat or a swarm of angry bees.


Plan for tomorrow,
      Pray to see the end of this day,
          Be thankful for the ever present now,
              And let the arrows of your heart fly where they may...


When you try to be all things to all people, you become nothing to everyone.


No dream ever dies due to a lack of want or desire, but due to a lack of faith and commitment.


Never and forever last only as long as a lifetime.


"Reality" isn't tamperproof, failproof, or foolproof.


Resentment is the sediment of the soul.


Telling the truth is always easy when there are no consequences to the teller.


You cannot walk in the darkness without it swallowing you whole.

You cannot step into the light without it bathing you in its intensity.

You can wander in the twilight, pondering the divisions of light and dark, until death claims you—and then you'll have no choice at all.

© Copyright 2010 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.