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// Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tendrils 12

How many nails must be driven into the coffin before "the end" is declared?


Progress is relative.

    Relative to the producers and the consumers,
       the observers and the observed,
          the waiters and the movers.


"The devil you know," said the vagabond, "is as bad as the devil you don't. After all, one devil is as bad as the next."

Alternate Version
Said the clown to the audience: "The devil you know is as bad as the devil you don't. After all, one devil is as bad as the next."

With that the clown bared his long, pointy yellow teeth, then leapt from the stage into the bowels of the shrieking crowd.


Avengers have been wronged and so their passion stems from clarity of justice.

Defenders feel anointed and so their "enthusiasm" is fueled by divine right.


To knowingly and willingly hold a heart hostage is a touch of evil.


Better to prepare for Armageddon, than to laze about in a virtual utopia.


Attics and basements are the cemeteries of yesterday.


Just because an elephant can hold a paintbrush doesn't mean you should let it paint your house.


There's nothing singular about sin.


Glorious determination — the state of an individual that's strong in will and driven to succeed.


Reality is context sensitive.


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