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// Sunday, August 14, 2011


Overheard in passing...

  • "Stupid smartphone." (And the user had nothing to do with it.)
  • "Right in the center of the middle." (I want to be there.)
  • "...is all holier-than-thou, yet she's the one having an affair. But you didn't hear that from me." (Actually, I just did.)
  • [Teenager] "Being green, is like, so important and stuff." (Well that cleared that up. Who says the youth of America is ill-informed?)
  • "...it's been itchy for a week and nothing seems to help it." (Ewww. What have you touched?!?)
  • "Listen, I'll have to call you later, because people are staring at me. <directed to those around her> HAVEN'T YOU ALL EVER HEARD OF PRIVACY?" (Umm, this is a public place, so if you choose to talk in public, then you forfeit your 'privacy.' By the way, have YOU ever heard of courtesy? Do you think we like—or care—about the drama in your life?)
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