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// Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just for Fun 2

I really enjoy silly jokes, dumb jokes, corny jokes, and kids' jokes, which, collectively, come under the general heading of "bad" jokes.

So, I wasn't surprised to receive a kid-friendly Halloween joke from a family member.

The joke took the form of a question and my response, while good (IMHO), wasn't the actual punch line.

So rather than waste my punch line, I came up with a joke to go with it.

Before I knew it, I had a handful of bad Halloween and Autumn jokes.

And here they are, in all their gory. 8^)


Q: What is a demon's favorite dish?
A: Fillet of soul.


Q: What do zombies on a diet eat?
A: Vegetarians.


A: What is a scarecrow's favorite candy?
Q: Candy corn (of course!)


Q: What is a werewolf's favorite dessert?
A: Moon pie!


Q: What is a vampire's favorite game?
A: Follow the bleeder.


Q: Why do mummies go to psychiatrists?
A: Because they're wound too tight.


Q: What do little monsters eat on Halloween?
A: Ghoul-bers

Alternate answers:
  • Boo berries and banana slugs
  • Spider-doodles
  • Bat nuggets
  • Tombstone flavored taffy

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