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// Sunday, March 31, 2013

Memories of MoMA

Random thoughts as I walked through MoMA with my wifema.

  • Abstract representational theology
  • Lost amid the thinking of ourselves
  • Opulent disparity and broken continuity
  • Ghosts upon horses
  • Study and consume
  • Spit and hurl?
  • No flight. No fancy. No forgiveness
  • Held tightly; dreamt loosely
  • Sorry, but a "spec" on an otherwise empty wall is not art, nor a profound social statement (no matter how much you stand there and rationalize it)
  • The notebooks of Tim Burton — yet another example that the pages of notebooks contain nuggets of gold
  • Just turn around and walk at full speed, as if the place were empty

P.S. This is all true, especially about the inconsiderate knobs referenced in the last bullet.

MoMA = Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

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