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// Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sonic Verse: Favorite Music Releases of 2013

MasterplanNovum Initium (Digipak Limited Edition)
StryperNo More Hell to Pay
CelldwellerSoundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol 03 Chapter 01
Zombie Killer (MP3 EP)
Blackstar Act One: Purified Original Score (MP3 EP)
QueensrÿcheQueensrÿche (Deluxe)
James LaBrieImpermanent Resonance (Digipak Limited Edition)
Abnormal Thought PatternsManipulation Under Anesthesia
Joe SatrianiUnstoppable Momentum
Fates WarningDarkness in a Different Light (Limited Edition)

Honorable Mentions
  • Anup Sastry, Ghost
  • The Omega Experiment, The Omega Experiment

Favorite Albums Released Prior to 2013, but Purchased in 2013
  • Masterplan, Aeronautics (Deluxe Edition) and Back for My Life (EP)
  • Ark, Burn the Sun

Favorite Album Artwork (from titles in previous entries)
  • Masterplan, Novum Initium
  • Stryper, No More Hell to Pay
  • Fates Warning, Darkness in a Different Light

Favorite Albums Rediscovered in 2013
  • Overkill, From the Underground and Below
  • Queensrÿche, The Warning
  • Synaethesia, Desideratum

In the early to mid 1990s I wrote and edited an Internet-distributed music newsletter, called Sonic Verse™ (SV), which also included original creative writings.

Many years have passed since I put the newsletter on hold, but the time was right to resurrect SV and its spirit: to highlight the music, artists, and associated elements that I enjoy (e.g. album cover artwork).

Going forward, SV entries will crop-up at insilentpassage.com from time-to-time, along with a few twists and tendrils related to the concept of "sonic verse."

P.S. The seeds for the resurrection of SV were sown in the post, "In Mental Streams" (April 2009), and in posts containing the label "soundtrack."

Copyright 2013 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.