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Tendrils Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents
"All too easy to pretend that the little things don't matter,
even though life itself is but a collection of little things."
From the poem, "Too Easy," by C.V. DeRobertis

What is a Tendril?

A Tendril™ is a short, self-contained work, which typically takes the form of:
  • Single or singular text piece (a.k.a., a one-liner, short pithy statements, et al. (see later in this FAQ for additional types, categories, or classifications of Tendrils))
  • Poem/prose/verse (text only, text + image, visual poem/concrete poem, etc.)
  • Two to six sentences, or a few short paragraphs, or short stanzas
  • Image or image + text work

Tendrils appear in the series Today's Tendril…™, in Tendrils™ collections (numbered, named, or themed), as batches ("A Batch of..."), in sets (e.g. "Three Tendrils for Today"), and as a numbered series, i.e., Tendril # (e.g., Tendril 948).

Table of Contents

Where do Tendrils come from?

The "little things in life."

The details, detritus, and miscellaneous debris of everyday living.

Thoughts, musings, and melancholy.

Incidental and transitional moments.

Sticky notes to the self.

Excerpts from inner dialogue.

Light-bulb revelations.

The simmering subconscious.

Reflections from the otherside of the mirror.

Table of Contents

Why are Tendrils important to you?

Everything I create starts off as a line of text (sentence, fragment, snippet, note) or a simple image (doodle, photograph, digital sketch). So, in this regard, everything is a Tendril in some way, shape, or form.

Since I was child, I've "seen" things in terms of tendrils — and Tendrils.

Table of Contents

How would you classify Tendrils?

In addition to the previous descriptions on this page, if Tendrils had their own tag cloud or label set, then it would also contain the following:

adages, anecdotes, aphorisms, bits and pieces, cerebral circles, colloquialisms, emotional captions, clouds, epigrams, excerpts, flash fiction, fortune cookie wisdom, free verse, grains of sand, Heaven vs. Hell, humor, inner dialogue, leaves, little bits of ideas unfolding in ASCII text, little things, markings, meditations, mental debris, mental streams, musings, one-liners, pebbles, philosophy, pieces, platitudes anew, poems, pontifications, prayers, proclamations, prose, proverbs, questions, quips, quotes, rain drops, random thoughts, reflections, sayings, scenes, shades of gray, slants and slices, snippets, snow flakes, solitary moments, sticky notes to the self, text constructs, the ever present now, thinkerings, threads, tidbits, twigs, verse, vignettes, waypoints, witticism

Table of Contents

Tendril, Tendrils, and Today's Tendril… aretrademarks of Christopher V. DeRobertis.