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// Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Gathering of Winged Shadows

Early this morning I stepped outside and saw…

…a sky so thick with deep grey clouds that the morning looked like dusk. (And the air tasted like rain, though not a drop could be seen, heard, or felt.)

…a neighborhood robin bouncing and pecking for its breakfast. Up-down, up-down, up-down. (Eventually, it came away with a prize.)

…a Turkey Vulture spiraling silently above and below the tree lines; riding unseen currents without a flap.

…three pearl-white seagulls blowing by—on an angle—and obviously off course.

…a Red-tailed Hawk perched high in a tall tree; a regal statue waiting to swoop.

…a snow-white swan in a nearby pond drifting on a glass-black surface with barely a wake to be seen. (A family of ducks watched from the shoreline.)

…a small contingent of wild turkeys in last year's corn field strutting their stuff; a line of black dots with the power to gobble.

…a Sandhill Crane flapping into and out of sight (and looking more like a flying dinosaur than a feathered friend).

…a gaggle of Canadian Geese, in V formation, tracing the horizon.

…and the crows.

Crows everywhere.

Crows in trees. Crows in flight.

Crows darting. Crows dancing. Crows fighting.

Crows cawing. Crows walking. Crows bobbing. Crows streaming.

Crows as far as the eye could see.

Great and wondrous was the gathering of winged shadows on this fine grey day.

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.