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// Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rabbit and Owl

Rabbit : Why do you bother?
Owl : Bother with what?
Rabbit : With what you're doing. Your so-called "art." Why do you bother?
Owl : Because it serves the self.
Rabbit : So, what you're saying is that your art is self-serving.
Owl : No, I did not say that.
Rabbit : Yes you did! You just told me that your art is selfish.
Owl : No, you asked me why I do my art and I told you that it serves the self. I did not tell you that what I do is self-serving or selfish. You are the one that rearranged my answer to fit your interpretation.
Rabbit : Oh, come on. Serving the self or self serving, or even plain old being selfish, what's the difference?
Owl : The difference is as striking as the differences in sunlight and moonlight.
Rabbit : Oh, please. Now you're just playing with words.
Owl : No, I am not. I most certainly am not.
Rabbit : Yes. Yes you are. You're splitting hairs.
Owl : Trust me, you would know if I were splitting hairs.
Somewhere in the distance a drummer plays a rimshot...

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.