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// Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tendrils 4

Nothing "pushes the envelope" quite like inspiration; aggravation; desperation.


Bend, but do not break.
    Hold, but do not take.
Speak, but do not lie.
    Help, but do not pry.


The pragmatist and the opportunist differ only in their perceptions of need versus greed.


Practice is the art of learning how not to think, but to do; to act with precision, endurance, and excellence.


The perks of loyalty are best enjoyed quietly.


Watching the news is like poking a wound – it hurts, but you do it anyway.


Under extreme pressure absolutes tend to become one of two things: absolute knots or absolutely nots.


A good idea is often a casualty of committee.


There's a fine line between "love it" and "covet."


Having a belief is easy.

Living a belief is hard.


Nothing is true until you believe it.


Every sincere smile is a message from the heart and cannot be contained behind a mask.

Every kiss is an invitation, an obstacle, and a commitment.

Everything that is learned about the soul—everything that we are drawn to, everything that repels us—either brings us closer to a union of dreams and reality, or creates an emotional chasm a thousand tears wide.


Some days I feel like the string between two (dented) tin cans.


Having a bird's-eye-view doesn't give you the right to sh*t on the world.


God, catch my tears, cleanse them, and then baptize me with their purity – Your purity.

Let the tears of Heaven rain down upon me.

I'll wait for the rainbow.

I always have.

I always will.


If you want to be free of your demons, then do not give them a place to roost in the heart, mind, and soul.


Ideas once written can become like flesh – and bitten.


Frustration: Trying to rise to the occasion, only to be brought down by the stupidity of others.


Do you think God created goldfish, in part, to help parents teach children about death, loss, and sadness?

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.