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// Sunday, July 19, 2009

Said an Angel...

     Said an angel to an orphan...

     "Faith is the family that binds us, Julia. Not a Christmas tree. Not a pumpkin patch. Not a birthday present signed, 'With love, your Mom and Dad.'

     "Normal Rockwell paintings, The Brady Bunch, and The Partridge Family are only types of family, Julia.

     "At best, they are families born of wishful thinking. At worst, they are simplifications and sterilizations; devoid of the everyday mundane, and the trials and tribulations of life choices. Either way, they are fabrications; the products of writers, producers, and ratings.

     They are not family, Julia. Not your family.

     Your family is far beyond their reach and far beyond their comprehension. They are not us, Julia. They are not one with the divine, as we are. This is your family.

     "And your destiny, my child, is to be a guide. A resolute and compassionate guide.

     "Your wings, more than any other in our family, will flap high above the loneliness of this world. You will help set free the hearts of so many that feel lost and alone, and longing for love, just as you do right now.

     "You will help them find their faith, Julia. You will help them find their peace and their purpose—with thanksgiving—in God."


This piece is in response to, Said the Demon... (2009.07.02).

© Copyright 2009,2012 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.

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