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// Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tendrils 11

I would sooner believe in the gremlins of the mechanical world than disbelieve in the angels and demons of this world.


Chivalry neither diminishes nor invalidates equality, but celebrates the natural, God-given differences between a man and a woman.


It's not the color of someone's skin that you should worry about, but the color of their heart.


To teach is to truly learn.


A reasonable, sensible, and respectful level of political correctness is tolerable, so long as being "PC" doesn't trump chivalry or romance.


Stir the controversy stew, salt and pepper to taste, serve steaming hot in a sugar bowl, and wash it down with a witch's brew.


Absolution: A word, a weight (a wait), a wish, a want, a worry, a responsibility, a sign, a cycle, and the soul of serenity.


Tension can be a pivot point, a yoke, a gag, or a pair of handcuffs.

Choice separates them.


The trouble with deciding between the lesser of two evils is that you're dealing with the Devil either way.


We tend to treat the familiar linearly; as just another vanilla point along the highway of commonplace.


Beware the long shadows of complacency and apathy, because they often contain predators.

Alternate Version
Beware the long shadows of complacency and apathy, because they hide—in plain sight—the silent beasts of our demise.



This collection contains a few of my favorite Tendrils: #1, #9, #11.

#2 is dedicated to all those don't regard chivalry as a bad or dirty word.

© Copyright 2010 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.