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// Sunday, February 08, 2009

Seclusion into Emergence

And the time of darkness had passed, and the skies of foreboding grey gave way to unbroken sea-blue, and the fear that covered the land like a down blanket was lifted.

The long months of seclusion were no more.

A cool, refreshing breeze swept across the land – the broom of God.

Doors and windows and hearts opened wide.

The locked-away and battened-down emerged with eyes opened wide, hearts opened wide, and hope opened wide.

A single step transformed them; transformed them all.

Yesterday was banished and the promise of the moment was given rule over them.

As gazes fell upon the flowers in early bloom, they could dare to dream again.

The Winter demons and darkness were no more.

The Angels of Spring had arrived on clouds of silver lining.

Voices rejoiced.

And laughter from the young to the old, from the most simple to the most wise, echoed far and wide.

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.