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// Monday, February 16, 2009

Tendrils 2

The hard labor of dreams is quickly abandoned for the fleeting respite of carnality.


I am not embarrassed to be "the me that I am," nor do I hide "the me who I need to become." That is confidence.


Freedom is relative, sometimes subjective, and more often than not, context sensitive.

Live freedom through your own eyes.

Be the freedom in your own mind.


      Said the Devil, "I do not mislead, my dear. That is a myth. I merely point out the paths available to you and to everyone.  It is up to you—and you alone—to select the path taken.  I cannot decide for you.  Oh that I could, there would be only one path. And we…well, let's just say that we would be having an entirely different conversation."


Simplification to the point of irrelevance is as bad as complexity to the point of impediment.


Striving for perfection in all that you do is like counting the grains of sand on a beach – you can spend your entire life being busy and still not find the answer.


When you step into the birdcage do you see yourself as being locked in, the world as being locked out, or just the poop at the bottom?


The tragedy that is our complacency.


Sometimes life feels like a hammer, an anvil, and me.

© Copyright 2009 Christopher V. DeRobertis. All rights reserved.